All Month Club Massages Include:  

 Firm Touch, Aromatherapy & Hot Stones

 ​​​Month Club Details & Pricing

​​​​​​​Check Out this GREAT DEAL for Month Club Members. Join our Month Club, there are no FEE's DUE's or GIMMICKS. Just let us know you want to get this FABULOUS DEAL and we will sign you up. All you need to do is:

Schedule regular monthly sessions and you SAVE $25.00 per SESSION.

We realized how many of our clients needed massage on a regular basis to maintain their level of stress and physical well-being. Join today and take hold of your mind, body and soothe your soul. You will be so glad you did.

Month Club Massage      60 min   $60.00       90 min    $90.00

Enhancements can be added to any service!

Dry Brushing: $5.00   Helps dry skin and circulation & Lymphatic drainage.    Facial Rejuv: $10.00  Headache, sinus soothe &​ great for TMJ 

Coconut Oil: $7.00   Nourishes you through and through                    Back Cleanse: $12.00  Scrub, Toning, Mask & Moisturize     

Foot Treatment: $7.00   A little extra to soften and sooth tired feet                Under Arm Detox: $10.00  Remove toxins for a refreshing feeling