Our family of Gals is what makes your time with us memorable. We would not be what we are without each and everyone of them. I am thankful they are part of the team everyday. Let me introduce you to who makes up the Baah Spa Family -- Lindsey

Hi! I'm Lindsey. I am the Baah in Baah Spa. My heart has always been with people. I have always loved to network and bringing like-minded people together. When I fell into massage therapy, it was the link I never knew I was missing. Being able to intuitively work on client's trouble areas and giving everyone a safe space to just "be" is what I look forward to when working with clients. 

Meet Kristen:

Kristen is a lover of sewing, get togethers and party planning. When massaging, she loves to find the areas of tension and work with different modalties to help release adhesions from over use, injury or just plan ole stress. She is trained in warm bamboo massage which is amazing for mysofascial relief and smoothing out the areas of tightness. 

Our Location

574b Route 32 

North Franklin, CT

Phone: 860-941-4251

Email:  info@baahspa.com


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