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What Spa Services are all about!


What’s So Good About a Facial

Treat yourself to the luxurious and relaxing getaway that you deserve. Our one-of-a-kind facials are designed to give you unparalleled benefits such as improving the way your skin feels and looks, slowing down aging, and refining your pores. Getting a facial from our reputable spa will have your body feeling young and loose, and you’ll have more energy to do the things you love. We only use the top products that are on the market and our cosmetologists and estheticians are highly skilled, so you are guaranteed to have the best results every time.


Rejuvenate Your Pores

As you go about your normal activities throughout the day, dirt, bacteria, and oils collect and settle in your pores, which cause unpleasant and unwanted whiteheads and blackheads. An experienced esthetician or cosmetologist can remove dirt, bacteria, and oils from your pores, resulting in smoother and clearer skin that’s free of whiteheads and blackheads.


Renew Your Skin

A part of our facial process is to exfoliate the outer layers of your skin. Removing dead skin cells, debris, and bacteria from your skin limits the clogging of pores, which will result in an even smoother complexion. A couple ingredients used to exfoliate are glycolic and alpha-hydroxy. It’s important to inform your esthetician about any allergies or skin sensitivities so that skin irritation doesn’t occur. You only want to use as aggressive of products as your skin can safely handle.


Improved Absorption

Freeing your face from dirt, debris, whiteheads, blackheads, oils, dead skin, and bacteria increases the absorption of products by your face because your freshest layer of skin will be brought to the surface. This means that products, including moisturizers and creams, will be absorbed by your skin quicker than ever and will also perform with improved efficiency, leaving your skin hydrated to the max. Be sure to regularly apply retinoids and dark-spot correctors after your facial to maximize results even further.


Slow Down Aging

Your beauty technician will apply certain products that are designed for anti-aging. During your facial, for example, your technician may use ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol, plant extracts, and other antioxidants. Anti-aging brightening masks and peels also incorporate these ingredients. The result will be an increase in your production of collagen, plumper skin, fewer lines and wrinkles, and a brighter complexion.


Spoil Yourself Completely With a Facial & Massage

Our Facial service is a thorough cleansing process that uses the most trusted products to have your skin looking and feeling its best. Now, imagine that you combined your facial with a message that is just as thorough. Our massage process, like our facials, is designed for maximum satisfaction and real results. We target areas of your body that are prone to stress like your back, shoulders, neck, hands, feet, face, and arms with a technique that is unmatched anywhere else. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle what lies ahead.


A Massage is a Stress Reliever

Stress is our body’s response to threatening or upsetting thoughts, situations, or events. A small amount of stress is completely healthy because that’s what pushes us to get things done. On the other hand, if you’re one of the many who stresses too much, you could be headed down a path towards depression, anxiety, and heart disease according to the National Institute of Health. The good news is that massages effectively help reduce and manage stress by providing both physical and mental benefits. Below, you’ll find out exactly what these benefits are.


Your Body’s in Total Relaxation Mode

Our body’s “flight-or-fight” response is a reaction to stress. When stress occurs our heart rate increases, we experience greater muscular tension, our breathing rate increases, and we become extremely anxious. Harvard Medical School Associate professor, Dr. Herbert Benson, has found a way to force the body to relax, which is the opposite of stress. Extensive research has concluded that massages help our bodies relax, thus decreases our heart and breathing rate, relaxes our muscles, and eliminates anxiety.


Reduces the Risk of Hypertension

The American Heart Association hasn’t directly linked hypertension with stress, however, many of the habits that stress induces does elevate blood pressure such as eating unhealthy including foods high in sodium, not exercising, smoking, and increased drug and alcohol intake. The University of South Florida performed a study in 2005 that concluded receiving 10 massages over three weeks might lower blood pressure. Blood pressure remained unchanged for Participants who did not receive massages.  On Sept. 4, 2008, Newsweek article titled “Five Surprising Benefits of Massage,” stated that massages stimulate pressure points that are associated with the blood pressure regulator, vagus nerve. This stimulation helps promote a healthy blood pressure level.


Limit Muscular Tension

The mental health nonprofit, Help Guide, says that both Swedish and Shiatsu massages relax the body and helps the muscles release tension. The common symptoms of stress are shoulder, neck, and jaw pain as well as headaches. Massages break up lactic acid and any other forms of discomfort that are associated with stress.


You Deserve The Best

Regular professional massages are extremely beneficial and highly recommended, however, there are techniques you can use on your own to give yourself immediate relief from stress. For example, you can reduce facial pain and headaches by closing your eyes and then applying a small amount of pressure with your fingers under your eyebrows for up to 10 seconds. In addition, you can alleviate shoulder pain by rubbing your shoulder blades in circular motions. Jaw pain can be relieved by applying pressure with your thumbs in slow, circular motions behind your ears. That will help loosen up muscles that have been tightened due to grinding or clenching your teeth, which are two behaviors associated with stress.

Our spa is designed to provide our clients with the perfect combination of luxury and quality rejuvenating services. We only use the most trusted and modern products, and our services are tailored to each individual’s needs. Our facials, which remove oils, whiteheads, blackheads, dirt, and bacteria from your skin, will leave you looking and feeling your best. When you combine that with a massage, you will get the best of both worlds by simultaneously relieving stress and muscle tension. You deserve the best. Our spa experience is unlike any other. Visit us today by making an appointment online or by phone.